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Yosemite Autumn Morning Stoneman Bridge

An autumn morning in Yosemite wouldnt be an autumn morning without a stop at athe Stoneman Bridge

Yosemite Winter Wonderland

Taken last winter during one of the first snowstorms in the valley

The Line from Half Dome To Clouds Rest

Looking from Half Dome up to Clouds Rest during Winter

Yosemite North Dome - Half Dome

Yosemite North Dome - Half Dome provides you with a rare face to face view of Half Dome.

Water on Pine

I was walking and kept seeing these drops reflecting light and thought it was natures way of putting christmas lights on trees

Snowshoeing Yosemite Badger Pass - Dewey Point

Snowshoeing Yosemite

Yosemite Half Dome Clouds

Yosemite Half Dome Clouds

Photographing Yosemite National Park Merced River

When Photographing Yosemite National Park Merced River get up early to capture the sunrise reflections. I always start near the Stoneman Bridge across from Curry Village. Don't cross over the bridge stay towards the village but go to the furthest side by the meadow. Look for the stairs going down to the Merced River next to the bridge. You will find a fantastic reflection as you look back on the bridge.